Our latest delivery of Fine Enamels jewellery arrived this morning! They are so beautifully crafted from Sterling Silver and hand painted enamel, and are a very wearable alternative to original Art Nouveau jewellery of the same design.

Charles Horner is probably one of the most famous designers of the time. The trademark organic, sinuous lines and elegant enamelling are not only iconic but timeless, and pieces in good condition can command very high prices.

We have been lucky enough to have some examples in the shop over the years, but not everyone feels comfortable wearing such precious and delicate heirlooms on a day to day basis, and that is why Fine Enamels have grown into such a popular brand.

My favourite is the Kingfisher pendant (still don’t own one yet… hint hint!) but the new range of dragonflies and owl pendants which are set with White Sapphire eyes are really stunning too! And most designs come in a range of colourways, with starting prices as low as £19.99 – you can’t go wrong really.

Way before Swarovski became the global icon it is today, ladies were drawn to crystal not only for its glistening beauty but also its affordability.

High quality pieces were out if reach for some, but crystal jewellery made sparkle more accessible to the masses and surviving pieces are as wearable today as they were at the turn of the century.

Cut glass is more prized than moulded, and so called “pools of light” necklaces which feature large faceted and graduated crystal balls are some of the most beautiful examples.

We have several pieces in the shop, all in excellent condition and fresh from restringing. I just can’t decide which is my favourite!!