Breaking news! Bonner’s Jewellers are proud to announce the promotion of a new buyer who we are sure will prove to be a great addition to the team.
He has a background in the purchase of pigs ears and tennis balls but has proven his ability to diversify and refocus his talents as he has also boosted the profits of Waitrose dog treats by at least 50% in this year alone.
His most recent range of dog related pendants and earrings in sterling silver have already been a huge hit with our clients, and he has also flown the flag of inclusion by adding a cat range, despite his concerns that they would prove to be far less popular.
He will continue with his duties as Head of Security and Complaints Department but is dedicated to his new role and looking forward to unleashing his creative potential.
Well done Gus!
*The new appointment was in no way influenced by Gus’s tribe of adoring fans.

How many of us inherit jewellery which is either worn out or out of style and ends up languishing in a jewellery box never to see the light of day again?
When this happened to one of our customers she brought her inherited three stone Ruby and Diamond ring in with an idea for turning it into a cluster – and I have to say we were all thrilled with the results!
It’s such a beautiful combination of the original design but with a new, fresh interpretation – not to ignore the fact that it is now an incredibly impressive piece of jewellery! We were all insanely jealous when our customer came to collect it, although it has to be said she is so lovely she thoroughly deserves to show it off with pride!
It just goes to show that a little thinking outside of the box can keep your jewellery out of boxes too!

I know most people are open to the idea of pre-owned when it comes to clothes, cars, houses and jewellery but I wondered what the consensus was on pre-owned wedding bands?
My wedding ring was made in Birmingham in 1890 and it was really important to me that I had something of this age and style. My husband designed his own white gold ring and loves it; he had a very clear idea in mind of what he wanted and he felt it was more personal and meaningful to have something unique made. In contrast, I love the fact that mine had a history before us.
A friend once asked if I minded that the marriage it was originally used for may not have been a happy one? I have to say, no – I don’t. All gold gets melted down and recycled anyway and I’m really not superstitious about things like that. My marriage is good and happy and that’s what counts, and who’s to say it wasn’t originally owned by a loving couple who adored each other? Either way, I believe we make our own history – but this ring reminds me that some things just aren’t as important as they seem. Life is much bigger than just me, and when all’s said and done this ring will hopefully still be around when I’ve long departed. It makes me want to concentrate on the future even though I have a link to the past, and reminds me that for now, at least – we’re making our own mark on history. Phew! So now I’ve got all that off my chest, here’s a pic of mine:
When it came into the shop it was the exact right fit and had tiny marks and scratches – evidence of its life before me. I’ve never had them polished out and I’ve even added a few of my own! So what do you think? Would you wear an old wedding ring or is it too personal to be recycled?