New Buyer Appointed!

Breaking news! Bonner’s Jewellers are proud to announce the promotion of a new buyer who we are sure will prove to be a great addition to the team.
He has a background in the purchase of pigs ears and tennis balls but has proven his ability to diversify and refocus his talents as he has also boosted the profits of Waitrose dog treats by at least 50% in this year alone.
His most recent range of dog related pendants and earrings in sterling silver have already been a huge hit with our clients, and he has also flown the flag of inclusion by adding a cat range, despite his concerns that they would prove to be far less popular.
He will continue with his duties as Head of Security and Complaints Department but is dedicated to his new role and looking forward to unleashing his creative potential.
Well done Gus!
*The new appointment was in no way influenced by Gus’s tribe of adoring fans.