Bringing Micro Mosaic into the 21st Century

When this locket came into our shop the central panel was full of decades of dust and lint which completely obscured the beautiful micro mosaic within. When we removed the panel, at best we were hoping to find an old sepia photograph but it became apparent quite quickly that we were dealing with something special! It took a lot of time and (careful) effort but we managed to gently brush the dirt away to reveal the intricate mosaic beneath and then carefully cleaned away the more stubborn grime. It sounds silly but I did feel a bit like an archaeologist unearthing a long lost artifact – like Indiana Jones without the spring loaded booby traps!

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The backing for the mosaic appears to be mother of pearl, and the design is just staggering in its intricacy. Most of the pieces are 0.5mm long, so it’s difficult to comprehend the skill required in cutting each individual gem or stone to create this picture. These pieces are typical of those purchased as souvenirs by wealthy Victorians – this piece is 18ct gold and was more than likely made in Rome. The image is that of a bird with a fish in it’s beak. I’ve tried to find what this may be symbolic of but am still unsure, if anyone out there would like to hazard a guess I’d be very interested!!

The faded picture in the back is the original; it could be replaced but I don’t think that’s our decision to make. I love it, but then (as dad tells me) I love most antique jewellery. Still, I don’t think it’s difficult to see why in this case. It’s unique, beautifully crafted and very wearable. Personally, I think it would go fabulously with any outfit; dressed down with trousers or jeans or dressed up with a fabulous LBD!